Can collapsed items be uncollapsed in the view?

Hi, we have some rows that are collapsed when the site loads. Problem: in the view window of Bootstrap-Studio these items also are collapsed (from our point of view this is unneccassary and just disturbs the workflow), so those items cannot be selected over the view window and can only be selected over the menu on the left, without seeing it in the view. Is there a setting to change the view to uncollapse collapsed items in the view-window?



Depends on if they are true internal/in app created components or if you added them as Custom Code. Also depends on what "type" of collapse it is.

In the app, if it's "not" Custom Code blocks, when you select a component you should see a new menu at the top that allows you to Open and Close an item. Whichever state it's in on export is what will show on the site, so when you get done editing the project, be sure to close any components that you don't want open on page load.

If it isn't any of the above, we'll need more information to know how to steer you in the right direction or whether or not it can be done.

OP - I have no idea what you are talking about. As Jo has stated, you've kind of left us in the dark as to what the problem is.

It sounds like what you used did what it was supposed to do, but you didn't want it to do what it was supposed to do; you wanted it to do something that it wasn't supposed to do.

Well, maybe you should find something that does what you want it to do, but first you will really need to know what it is that you really want to do.

If I sound confused, my apologies; it's been a long day.