Can somebody help me?

Hello, I am new to the forum. I was working on a project and suddenly I don’t see the page I was editing. In the html section, the body is empty, but all the elements are in Overview. If I preview the page the following message appears: “Sorry, we can’t find this resource.”.
What can happen?
Thanks in advance

Sounds like you accidentally deleted the page. If you haven’t closed the app yet, try ctrl+z to go back a few edits until it returns. If you have already, you may need to access the autosaves. Here is the info found directly in the Basic section of the Tutorials. You may want to check their first before coming here as you can get your answers faster that way:

Thank you for your quick answer.

Hi @osagrista,

If I may, I’d like to recommend that you be more specific in your post “titles”. While it can be challenging to resume the topic to a single sentence, I feel it is a good practice to do so.

I’m also new to this community, and I was reviewing previous posts. I would typically have “jumped” over your post, but since I’m learning Bootstrap Studio, I figured I may learn something anyway :sunglasses: