Can we use this app for creating form on web ?

Hi I want to design dynamic forms in ** web** and save this forms for gathering data. can i use this app for my purpose? thanks in advance

I'm sure you can build the forms you want with this app but it won't build the data capture elements for you.

Ok ,Can I customize the app with my fields and I change save button Event() to stored form elements and property in the database ??

How are you planning to capture the data? Is it with JavaScript?

It's best to provide as much info upfront as possible help answer your query.

i have 3 step : 1-I want to design dynamic forms by this app 2-I'll save forms fields and their features in the database by JavaScript 3-In a another page show that form with JavaScript and I get information from the user and store data in database by JavaScript can i customize this app for doing step 1 & 2?

I do t know what you mean by 'customising this app'

But I'm pretty sure that you will be able to scaffold and build what you want to do as you can create pages, and your own JavaScript files but you would have to export the files to a server to see if to all working.

Never done this myself before but does sound doable.

Edit: there may be some things you will have to work around and might have to convert to HTML if the drag and drop components you use are locked down. But any thing is possible ?

Thanks for your help. I want to know the this app is in the form of a .DLL or component or HTML? can I open it and make changes such as adding or removing fields, properties fields, adding new themes , change to Save Event() or remove unnecessary parts it? I want to use this app as part of my project in web application.

This app produces HTML and yes when creating you can drag and drop new fields in etc add properties.

You can create your own js files so can do a lot with this app.

But you do need to know that although you "can" edit it outside of the app, it cannot be imported back in with the changes without making the entire page a Custom Code setup which means the drag and drop of components and a good handful of other features will not be available then. If you want to use it to setup the page and form initially and then edit from there on outside of the app, then you'll be good to go as this app is very easy to learn and easy to use for building your pages.