Cannot embed button groups within button groups

I'm unsure if this should be considered a bug but I thought this would be the best place to report this issue.

I'm attempting to create a justified button group to create a "toolbar" for a web app. To accomplish a justified button group using "buttons" Bootstrap requires that each individual button be wrapped in a button group and that all groups be wrapped in a justified button group. Documentation Reference

Bootstrap studio does not allow multiple button groups to be embedded in a button group. It would be nice if it would. :)

Just drag in a DIV element and drag/drop the button group on to it then give the DIV the button group class/role aria-label etc.. Then you can duplicate the button group to however many groups you need.

The Bootstrap source you referenced is based on

"With <button> elements - To use justified button groups with <button> elements, you must wrap each button in a button group. Most browsers don't properly apply our CSS for justification to <button> elements, but since we support button dropdowns, we can work around that."

What it seems they are showing is a work around to make it so you can use dropdowns. If you're not going to use dropdowns then I think what the BSS Devs have done is probably more semantic by converting the buttons to links rather then increasing the HTML markup.