Cannot hide a Link component in BS 3.3.7 mode [fixed in 5.1.0]

Ya I know, upgrade to 4, but ... then I have to eat the fee that the client would normally pay me to upgrade their site so .... for now they are on 3.3.7 mode. In the meantime, I was trying to hide a link I had placed in a sidebar and although I CAN hide the column, the row, etc, if I click the link itself I cannot hide it. The options are there to do so, the choices are there in the right click menu to Hide it, but it just doesn't do anything at all.

I know the feeling. I just upgraded a client's site that I built a long time ago in Pinegrow in Bootstrap 3.x to Bootstrap Studio using Bootstrap 4.x. I "ate" the time it took, but in the long run it was well worth it, because it's just so much easier to work in BSS and in the latest version of Bootstrap. I currently only have one client left on Bootstrap 3.x, and I will probably eat that upgrade as well, just to make my life easier.

Ignore this, must have been just a momentary anomaly. When I loaded up the app this morning I remembered to check it again and it does work, so I guess it's all good. Not sure why it didn't work the other day, but oh well it's working now so all is well. :)