Cannot upload files to our local server

Trying to sftp into our local server with a dot address along with user and password. Where is the option to do this??

Unfortunately the app doesn’t have built-in SFTP support. The way to do this is to export your website and upload it using a dedicated program like FileZilla.

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Thank you for responding. Yes, using an FTP client is how I did it 20++ years ago. Seems odd because dreamweaver is so backward yet I can just click and its on our testing server…

Most of the newer HTML editors don’t have FTP built in anymore for some reason. I find that Filezilla works pretty well and it’s not a whole lot of extra work. :slight_smile:

ftp is not secure, SFTP is so that might be the reason why its dropped. All of them are sending it up to their own cloud with SFTP or another secure method.

Filezilla works fine too, it just annoying adding the steps, not annoying enough to make me use the “cloud” service. It is annoying enough to make me continue on with dreamweaver… Seems like they have done so much good with work flow then the ball bounces.

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