Can't Access HTML Attributes Panel

Basically what the title says. I’m creating a contact form and double clicking the element does not open the editable attributes panel. I also have several modals and I’d like to edit their ID. What am I missing?

Can you upload a screenshot of what you see?

For example, in the the html section "<div id=“modal-1” element that is selected. I can select the element, right click it, but double clicking it does not bring up the attributes panel. I’m not even sure that I’ve ever seen it to be honest. This is the first site I’ve built in BSS. In this example I’d like to change the id, which I think I can do according to the documentation.

I have tried to do this on a number of elements, so I don’t believe it to be specific to the modal.

Here is working normally, what version of your Windows?
Have you tried reinstalling BSS?

Windows 10 Pro 20H0. Went ahead and installed optional update 21H1 and I have reinstalled BSS; 5.8.6 for the record, which was already current. Still experiencing the same issue. Perhaps there’s a bug? I’ve read there is a “+” button as well to access attributes, but I don’t see this either.

Ok, strike all that. I generally work with the window maximized. I sized the window down and clicked the bottom of the window and tried to drag it down when it appeared. This seems like a small UI bug. I tried to recreate the issue by resizing the window, trying to dismiss the attributes window, etc.

Here you can see it’s back.

If you’ve already done this and it hasn’t worked, I don’t know how I can help anymore.
Place the mouse in the position indicated by the double arrow on the image, click and drag the mouse.
If it doesn’t, you’ll need to talk to support yourself.

Thanks for reporting! We’ll fix it in our next release.