Can't delete "caret" in dropdown

Hi, Sadly it's not possible to delete the "caret" in dropdown's. The only workaround that I see is to convert it to custom code an that's very annoying.

Do you have a other fix?

  • tenzin

Yeah theres no other work around :/ all we can do is hope that the BSS devs allow us to edit locked components. In the meantime you can either custom code it or use css to hide the icon and once you’ve exported it just remove the icon in HTMlL


While it's not "deleted", is it no longer in view and doesn't take up space.


Thanks for the great tip, Saj!

In Bootstrap 3 the caret used to be a separate component, but they've changed it in Bootstrap 4. Now the caret is displayed with CSS using the :after pseudo selector. It has no relation to the component being locked in the app.