Can't insert custom code into a UL tag

Hi I am trying to insert a custom code block inside a UL tag to populate the LI tags but BS doesn't allow it. It only allows me to insert custom code inside the LI tag. I can transform the entire list to custom code and do the changes but I will lose the customization options which are needed. Is this an expected behavior or a limitation ? Thanks in advance Panos

You're not always able to put something into specific component. I'm not 100% sure tho since I used list for social icons lol, but if bootstrap doesn't allow you then you're not able, quick ^^

<li> is the only valid thing allowed inside a <ul> tag. That's why you can't put a custom code block there.

The W3C Recommendation expressly states: lists are made up of sequences of list items defined by the LI element

I understand theW3C recommendation but I am using BSS as a theme editor for my Mustache.PHP templates. So this doesnt allow me to add my own LI tags as the output is dynamic. BSS is a fantastic tool. I wish there was an option to ignore W3C limit.

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