Cant Open project

Hello, I have some problem like this

i read it the problem will be fixed with v 4.1.7 but i have already 4.2.2 and still i have this problem :-(

i very like this software boostrap studio is a amazing and i hope will be this problem fixed :-))

Thanks for answer

Is the problem exactly the same as what was posted in that post?

Create new project save, close, reopen add image to the project save, close and try to reopen it.

Very likely you need to use the Contact Us link above to get in touch with the Devs. They will most likely have you send them you file for them to look at and might send you back a fixed version.



i realize i cant open each project....

my projects and "getting started"

i can this projects open just like "recent project" and i cant see footer on each project

i try it reinstall BS and two different PC...

4.3.0 fixe it !!

:-) Thanks Dev !!