Cant upgrade after license purchase

I just upgraded from a one year license to liefetime. I can see that boottrap studio shows i have a lifetime license.
A coworker shared a designed made with 5.6 and i have 5.5. I tried to upgrade by going to Help>Check for Updates menu item and it does work and it says checking and then downloading, but after downloading, nothing changes. It does not ask for a restart, but i did it manually and still did not work.

I need to be able to upgrade so i can open the file. Any suggestions?

This is a user-to-user forum, with limited monitoring/moderation from the devs. Anything involving license issue, activation, or issues with either it’s usually best to contact the devs directly. Try reading the FAQ. If you don’t see anything helpful, I’d suggest contacting the devs directly.

thanks for that. will look into the faq and then email the devs