Carousel Next/ Previous Buttons

Hi all,

Had a look but couldn't find what I was after. I'm having a problem trying to change the colour of my carousel next and previous icons. I am directly altering the colours in the css and they wont change colour. I can change the background colour (not what I want but did it as a test) and I even stuck a carousel in a separate project outside BSS and I can change the colours there. I'm not sure if this is something in BSS or something I'm doing wrong... Any suggestions? I did see a couple of posts previously about this but didn't see a working solution?

Thanks Rob

Add the 'background-image: url' part in this link to your css file for both icons

If you download my online component Ultimate Testimonial Slider and look at the custom CSS file, you will see how I made it possible to replace the standard next and previous icons with any icon of your choice by double clicking them, and you can color them in any way you like as well. You should be able to copy the necessary CSS to your own site and solve your problem that way.