Carousel next/previous links are broken

Hello, After the last update the next and previous links of the carousel component doesn't work. Anyone else has the same issue?

Thanks, Mauricio

I created a new project and dragged the carousel component to it. I previewed the site and I am able to use the next/previous links. I even tried my custom Carousel components and they work. I know that if you dragged a couple components that have their own scripts files it's very likely that the script order is what is causing your issue.

In the BSS app, on the bottom right in the Design pane, click to expand it. If you see more the 2 default scripts and more then 3 total scripts then you probably are experiencing the out of order scripting issue. Right click on the JavaScript menu and select "Include Order..". You can not move the first 2 scripts but you can drag and change the order of the reset of the scripts. I believe it to be best that any external scripts should come before any local scripts so first try that order and then check the preview again and see if it work now. If it doesn't try switching the local scripts to see if that helps.