centered logo and split nav

Hi Folks,

Downloaded and installed BSS today so I'm new. Been searching for hours but haven't had any success so I'm a touch frustrated..

I am trying to build a site with a centered logo and split navigation like here -> or here ->

I added a navbar from the left side studio panel to play around with and learn and saw options are available on the rhs panel for links, styling etc.

After many searches, I found this snippet -> so I pasted the code. It appears ok visually, but there are no options to style the navbar -ie, look and feel/options/animation. It's like they are locked from editing or styling. Am I missing something? My searches haven't produced an answer to this.

Does anyone know of a theme/template that has the menu I need and can it be imported into BSS?

Many thanks for any help.


You might want to search for "Navbar - Logo Middle" in the online components. Someone has something like that you might use.

Try this. It's a bsdesign file so you can open it in BStudio v5:

enter image description here

Hi Elpea, Thanks. I tried that but the logo doesn't center when resized or elements are added because its structure is UL-DIV-FORM and it isn't editable in BSS. If you look at your screenshot, the logo is slightly offset to the right.

Doh! I was searching online as in google then saw there is an online search in BSS left panel. I'm dyslexic so things take a little longer to register. Thanks for the pointer. :)

Search the online components for this exact phrase "Navbar with centered brand" (no quotes). There is a component that is like what you're after.