Change the program to spanish

hi guys is there any way to change the language of boostrap studio?
If anyone knows I will appreciate it immensely :kissing_closed_eyes:

Not possible as far as I’m aware (as I’ve not ever needed to change this) - maybe one to add to the idea section :+1:

There’s definitely no way to do it from within the software.

I’d suggest you ask the developers directly if they have plans to make it multi-lingual…

It’s highly unlikely anyone in the Forums would have an answer to this question (we’re all just users here.) The devs do pop in sporadically to review posts, but not all questions seem to get addressed.

I do recall there was a post about a year ago where this subject was brought up, and IIRC, one of the devs (I believe it was Martin) replied saying this would not be something they’d be doing. I believe they are fully committed to BSS being in English only. I wouldn’t get my hopes up. They don’t even have an up-to-date user guide for the software in English.