Change to and


changing text should be more easy in BTS.

When I have to import many text... it's an heavy job to handle all that text.

there should be something where text can be simply edited - like mark some text - press a button to make an <p>, or an <hX>

And an existing <p>...</p> should be possible to change to an <hX>...</hX> and vice versa.

At this time users need lot of coffee while copy and pasting paragraph to heading, or there is more work after export.

And for the biggest thing: What is going on with the <br />??? I miss it. Please make this possible...

I agree that a better text editor to control big blocks of text would be great but.. worst case scenario just use custom component as you can add all your breaks straight in there.

Oh, my Header of this topic is broken... it should be "Change <p> to <h1> and where is <br />"


@Chris, no I don't want to use custom code... if users switch to Custom Code, they do everything with it if there is a small problem.

the functionality of the program should be able to make user stopping from using Custom Code.

I use my php-Editor after export for my details, but I think of the users who cannot do this.

+1 on the ability to change text tags between types, even just giving us the dropdown with all the basic text types on it in case we need to change them from one to another would be great. After all, we can do it easily in a basic text editor, so we should be able to just as easily choose an alternative from a dropdown that will change them for us. :)