change to NOT contain

hey people.

is there any reason why the span tag MUST contain a strong tag?? this is a little nuts. i just want a span to wrap text, i don't need additional tags to mess up the rendering. how can i change this behaviour? i DO NOT need an embedded strong tag, or ANY tag for that matter. that's what classes are for! if you're still wondering what i'm talking about, have a gander:

span tag with embedded strong tag

EDIT: aaaaand the image linking is broken in this forum... greeaaat. here's the image link:


Not sure what you're doing that is causing that, but when I drag a span tag from the list in the left, it's a plain tag there are no classes connected to it at all.

What version of the app are you using? What OS are you using? I'm on Mac El Capitan OS. Might be something to do with PC version? Also, what element are you dragging in that has the span tag in it? Or are you dragging the span tag itself directly from the components list?

The span component does not contain the strong element in it. The only thing I can think of is that maybe it's from a copy/paste of the text?

In the Live View pane, just double click on the text and select that whole line of text and then select the B icon in the toolbar above and that should clear the strong element.


A yes that's something I didn't think of too. If you copy that text from something on a website, or Word or any type of Rich formatted text app, you will also be copying all attributes of the text with it. Sometimes that's a time saver and sometimes not. Always best to copy that text and paste it to a raw text editor such as Notepad++ or TextEdit (depending on your OS). That will strip out any attributes it may have copied. Then just copy it from that text editor to BSS.

This is unfortunately something that is not a BSS issue at all, it's typical of all web builders. Best to get in the habit of pasting to your raw text editor and recopying from there on a regular basis when text comes from Rich text editors.

yep. must have come from a copy-paste. apologies for the alarm. seems every friggin' span tag had been bolded in the entire page. suddenly all this extra CSS makes sense and can now be round-filed. thanks and again, apologies. i would never have thought to check if the text had been bolded.

@Jo - that's exactly what happened here. we just copied the text from the Word doc. strange thing is, didn't appear bolded in the text doc, which is where it all went to hell. :) i DO like the ability to paste rich text, but will certainly be more careful in the future. thanks again!