Character Entities replacement

Is there, in BSS any tool for replacing all special language characters by Character Entities?

What I mean is, a tool that could be an option in "Edit Menu to change all characters that are not the base 128 ASCII characters by its correspondent Character Entities.

An examp-le would be, change ã by ã.

Bootstrap Studio saves pages as unicode and adds the utf-8 meta charset, so using entities is not necessary. Is there a specific reason you need to do this?

Hi @martin, thanks for your response.
I develop pages preferably in Portuguese, which has several accented characters, and the ctilde.
I’ve always had problems with these characters. Sometimes they are displayed correctly and other times they are replaced with a different character. I couldn’t connect the facts.
So I’ve always been writing my HTML’s with Character Entities.
What I’m questioning, if the BSS doesn’t have an option for, when exporting, these characters are automatically replaced.