Clean after uninstall component

Please we beg you to clean any installed files when uninstalling a component. This is insane. Our Design is poluted with many files remaining there for no reason and we have to mannually delete all of them. Images, js, css, etc.

I don't think this is the first time people are asking for that !

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I'm unable to find anything about this after searching. I'm surprised !

That is because you don't really "uninstall" a component. If you delete a part of it, it doesn't install it, it just deletes that part. This has been mentioned many times before so why you couldn't find it in a search is beyond me. I've also answered this multiple times as well. Truly there really isn't a good way to approach this once you've changed other things. When you "install" a component it's installing it only to your components list for use. That is the ONLY installation that is happening. When you add it, you are just dragging a bunch of component pieces to a spot and it is placing them there. It is NOT "installing" it, just moving or copying a group of components and files to your project.

To reiterate this once again: If you find you don't want something, use the UNDO right after you add it and check it out, and it WILL remove all of the parts and pieces it added. After you have added things, there's no longer a way to remove these files automatically (and shouldn't be really, since it's not really an "installation"). Pay attention to what's added to your project when you add a component to it. You have to do the same thing if you do it by hand yourself in a code editor.

Trial and Error all the components before you settle on the one you want to use. That is the best way. Add a component, check it out as much as you can to see if you want it, if not, hit UNDO until it's gone. Simple as that.

I can't even begin to imagine the nightmare of programming it would take to revise this setup. If it were actually "installing" something to our project that would be different, but in reality it is only copying items to our projects into specific places. A week from now, how in the world would any program be able to remove all those things you've added over a week's time? That would be crazy to expect that.

Just as with any other code editor you might use, you need to be responsible for what you add and remove from your project. Pay attention to the files it adds so you know what you can/should remove if you decide a month from now you don't want that component anymore. It's not rocket science. The files are named for the components so they are pretty easy to remove if you choose to remove them. Don't wait until there are so many you aren't using that you have such a horrendous cleanup job as you sound like you are stuck with now.

Just my 10 cents, and if there IS a way for them to do this, I most definitely will love it as well, but it's not something I "need" at all. Once you get used to how that part of the system works, it's really easy to use the UNDO as needed to keep your files cleaner.