clean URLs like without .html

For a small site having 'clean' urls can be a nice feature. Like in Wordpress and most other cms. I was wondering if using subdirectories could do the trick creating a structure like:

that can usually be browsed without typing the /index.html. An additional save and export feature for a multipage site could automagically rename all page-name.html into page-name/index.html and maybe process (sed.exe via a post save script?) all href too.

I really have no idea if there is an easy way to do that, but in this CMS era i'm used to see 'clean' urls everywhere.

You can create folders for your pages by right clicking on the "pages" section and then selecting create folder.

You can also rename your pages to whatever you want to, just select your page in the pages menu, right click and then rename ?

As for dropping the .html bit of the URL, I'm not sure if thats possible but it would be one feature I would like to see added.

What is seems your asking for is not something the app has control over. The app is a development tool not a webserver.

From what I understand is that I think webservers handle redirects to /index.html by default at only the root level i.e.

If by default they handle at any level, sub or root /index.html then its just a matter of you prototyping your BSS project that way, like Chris stated in his response. Otherwise it's up to how your webserver is programmed and will serve up websites.

I believe that this type of URL ( is referred to as a Friendly URL. And my understanding is that you have to program your webserver to redirect Friendly URLs to an actual file or database entry which is what I think Joomla actually does.


Go to the root directory of the public html section of your server.

Make a folder called /contacts (ex)

Put the root document, or the document you want to present in that folder called index.html.

You're set!

Is that a valid way to do it? Are there any Seo complications in doing that?

I'm not sure what you mean by valid, but that is one of the ways to do it. Of course there are other methods, but they aren't as easy. There can be SEO problems if you make the url too long, or include underscores. ex: Use hyphens instead or some other format. Tool for seo analytics: Also, SSL has an impact on search engines like google, so I suggest making your site secure somehow.

Google - htaccess clean url ( or pretty, friendly, etc.,)

I think the way that most modern sites handle it is by using a Javascript framework or router.

An example of this is Angular-UI-Router. It does take a bit of Javascript/Angular knowledge to do though.

You can read more at:

Note: This does require that you actually have the main AngularJS ( ) script included as well.

I concur, but that does have a negative effect on the page's speed and caching. I typically use .html for smaller sites so clearing cache is easier. Here is my site that scored 100/100 on Google Pagespeed insights:

Alternative, you can make the folders and have them redirect to your html file so no negative effects are in play.



<body onload="window.location='';">


<!-- normal script here -->