Clear Undo Cache

Not sure what to call it so basically what I’m wondering is if it’s possible to lock in our changes and start “Undo’s” from that spot forward

The reason I ask is that sometimes I get to a point and I don’t want it to Undo past that point and the only way I’m aware of stopping it is to close the project and reopen it. This causes more time lost because I have to then close and reopen all of the files that I had opened in Visual Studio Code because you can’t reuse them from the previous session, it ignores them completely (found this out the hard way after having to restore a few times because of it).

So is it possible? Could we get maybe an option in the File menu or something to in a sense, clear the Undo cache so it won’t go back? I know we’re always asking for the other way around lol, but this week is teaching me a lot about what I haven’t used (Sass, External editors, and I’m sure there will be more!) and the limitations caused by using them.

Other scenarios that this would help would be when you install/uninstall components, add files, add folders (which are a pain because they don’t change the name back if you undo and redo them) and you don’t want these changes to be undone when you need to undo something that was not long after doing those install/reinstall etc.

Maybe even for posterity and those that are afraid they might lose some Undo(s) they still want, you can add an Undo to the cache clear so they can get it back? I dunno just brainstorming on this part as I’m sure there will be people that won’t want this feature out of fear of losing ability to undo things.

Thanks for any consideration you can give this idea!

Thank you for sharing this idea! Maybe the real issue here is that reopening a design forgets the files that are open in external editors. If this were fixed, would you find a need for preventing undo?

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Absolutely! That’s probably a whole lot easier! Thanks much!

Just bumping this so it’s not forgotten and to say that the Absolutely! that I commented in my last message meant, that would be Absolutely Awesome! lol. I never realized that I was probably answering your question incorrectly. The undo setup would not be needed if the app could remember what is open in external editors if the app has to be restarted for whatever reason. Thanks!