Click in Styles pane makes window scroll

Not sure what is going on here, but since the last update I've noticed that many times when I click in the window of the Styles Pane to target a class or attribute the window scrolls up on me and I have to scroll back down again to where I was trying to click. Which of course means I have to know exactly what class I was trying to click to be able to get back to it (no line numbers to help on this hint hint lol).

Anyways, it's gotten pretty annoying lately as it's doing it quite a bit. If I can narrow down "when" it's doing it I'll post a reply, but so far it's been pretty random no matter what I try with it. Doesn't seem to matter if it's newly opened app, just switched to style window or have already had it open, and so on. Just does it periodically and quite often. Often enough to be annoying when you're trying to change something and instead you have to scroll back to where you were first.