Cloaked folder

I'd love to see the ability to add a setting to a folder in the Design tree that cloaks it from being used at all (in any area of the app including CSS). This would allow us the ability to create a Backups folder and put things in there that we want to keep for now until we test out some other things. We may want to put it back so we don't want to always delete it, and we don't always want to do a Save As for a new project just to test some things out. Would be much faster if we could just move something to a cloaked folder so it's not seen by the rest of the app in a sense, but is exported with the rest.

I say cloaked as that's what it's called in Dreamweaver when you want to isolate files from the rest of your project. This helps in there so that when you update Libraries it won't update them in the Cloaked folder. This would also be a benefit of cloaking in BSS so that we can alter Linked items without them updating in the Cloaked folder and so on. Hopefully you get the picture.

This setting would probably be best as a right click menu option, and it should have some kind of visual indication that shows it's cloaked (most apps utilize the typical forward slash through an icon type indicator, like the No Smoking type line in real world signs or No U-Turn etc.). Thanks!

Bumping this up since it's been a year an never got any comments or suggestions for it. It's still a very needed item that would help a lot. Please consider giving us an area of the Design tab that we can put things to store them without the app accessing them for use in pages in any way including linked elements.