Close menu on link tap

Hello BSS users,

Anyone here know how to make the mobile menu close immediately after a menu link is tapped? My website is

I'm using the BSS better-nav on:

Did you want exactly how the better-nav demonstrate? If so, follow the instruction to link the external file. It seems like your website needs exactly that when it is on the mobile screen.

your site ain't loading for me atm, so I can't check the exact issue, but if you just need a Hamburger menu toggle you have to add your js. Something like:

//Hamburger menu toggle
  $(".navbar-nav li a").click(function (event) {
    var toggle = $(".navbar-collapse").hasClass("show");
    if (toggle) {

  $('.navbar-nav > li > a').on('click', function() {

$('.navbar-nav>li>a').on('click', function(){