Close window on click for Preview browser

Is it possible to make the dialog window that opens for you to turn on the browser Preview close when you have clicked your choice of the 2 options? Would save having to constantly close that window. I have to close the browser preview a lot as it slows down editing a lot when you're trying to do quick updates, so this would help a little with that if it could be done pretty please :)

Thank you for the suggestion!

It would be straightforward to implement, but my only concern is that there are cases in which people would prefer the dialog not to close. For example people may have multiple local ip addresses that they want to open or they might want to disable the preview straight away after opening it.

It would be great to hear other people's voices on this.

I understand. What about maybe adding a check box that stays on the window so it can be unchecked at any time in the future. This would then give the option to "Close window after click...." and then next time it opens we can remove that check if we want to. That would keep it simple and very much like a lot of dialog windows that have the checkboxes to tell them not to open again (tutorial things like to utilize this and startup windows of some apps etc.). The only difference would be that this would control whether or not it closes on click, not whether or not it opens again.