CMS Plugin

First off, just want to say that Bootstrap Studio is great and I can't wait until the SASS support is available.

I have read some talk about a web version in the future. It would be very interesting to have a web version that was available as a plugin for popular CMSs like Drupal and Wordpress. You could get an api key when you purchase Boostrap Studio that could be managed through the bootstrap studio login on this site. The key could be used to register the plugin so you could keep track of how many systems it is installed on. Obviously, this would take quite a bit of work on how it would integrate but I think this would be much more useful than just a web version on that does that exact same thing as the local version. Just a thought. Thanks!

Thank you for the suggestions! This is something that we haven't thought about and is an interesting idea. We haven't seriously considered making a web version, as this would miss all the benefits that the locally installed version has. But if we decide to do it someday, we will also investigate building a plugin for WordPress and other CMSes.