Code for tabs

I am cutting and pasting code from various bootstrap templates. However, none of the templates are allowing me add tabs (from the admin2 template) The functionality is there but there are no boxes or formatting to the tab titles....

I have noticed that panels and wells have this same issue which makes me think it is something to do with the CSS??

A while back I did a small bootstrap website which works fine when pasting the code for a nav-tabs.. unsure what's changed


To be honest I'm not sure what you're talking about lol. To use tabs just drag a set of tabs from the components in the Container section (I believe that's the section they are in) and put them where you want them. It sounds to me like you're making it more difficult than it is. Once you have it placed, click the tab part of the element for whichever tab you want to edit the content of and the little context menu will show up in the middle at the top of the Preview area that will allow you to Hide or Show a tab. click show for that tab and it will show you the content area of that tab to edit. Double click the titles of the tabs to edit them same as anything else.

I've no idea what you're saying that isn't working right for you. I've been using them for almost a year now, learning new things about them all the time and they work fine for me.

Sounds to me like you're trying to add in the functionality of code from outside sources, which of course you can do, but you won't have all the bells and whistles for that code due to it being a Custom Code block. Grab what you need from the components and add them in that way instead of trying to bring them in from other sources. If they are already Bootstrap 3 elements, then they are already included in Bootstrap Studio and you don't need to cut and paste them from anywhere else.

If you have specific CSS set up for some that you were using, import the CSS file itself and then just give those classes to your new elements as you make them (since you can look at the code of the previous pages and compare it shouldn't take long to transfer the CSS and ID's to your elements to match what you had. This will give you a much better experience with BSS so that you can still use the Drag & Drop as well as the Options panel for the settings.

P.S. I'm guessing that most everyone else didn't know what you were talking about either, and that's why you didn't get an answer. I am sure, like me, they saw it, so you weren't being ignored, I just usually wait to see if someone else has a better understanding of something than I do if I don't understand what someone is asking about. :)

Cheers! Managed to figure it out... Goes to show how little I know. The CSS from the code I was trying to place was bootstrap 4. I've been working in 3 previously... didn't realise how different they were.

Ahh, yeah that will make a difference as it's quite a bit different. Glad you got it worked out and have fun with the rest!