Code snippets before/after body, across entire design

It would be awesome to create a feature that would allow us to insert code snippets before or after the body content. This feature would be exactly like “head content” option in the settings, except for the body. I think it would be fairly simple to implement.

It would be convenient especially if someone is using something like google tag manager which requires body code snippets.

You can create a collection of custom codes in a folder you call “Snippets”. Then, you can drag n’ drop any to the place you want when you need it. The ­<­head­>­ part of the document is a different case, since it doesn’t appear in the tree in the Overview panel at left side of BSS.

Surely if it requires body code snippets, it is in the body not before or after the body.

If fact Google tag manager states:

> Additionally, paste this code immediately after the opening **<body>** tag

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And if you add the Linked Component setup to it it will then be on all pages if you copy that page as the template or just copy and paste that component to each page using the Paste Linked option in the left click menu.

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