Collaps menu on small devices

Hi there, On small devices, the menu is available in the top right-hand corner and drops down, when selected. I would like to have it collapsed again, once I have selected the menu item. Any idea, how to do this in Bootstrap Studio? Cheers Holger

Don't think this can be done straight out of the box, I think tondo this will require some js to control that.

Having an option in BSS that allows this would be a good enhancement

perhaps a nice feature for 2.5.2 ;-))

this link should help you do it in the mean time.

Just copy the JS into your own custom that file, and then ensure your HTML matches

See interesting example here May help to chage view on making navmenus.

Right, I have the answer to this query now now that i have had time to play.

Step 1 - Open a new design/existing design that uses Nav bar.<br> Step 2 - Right click and Create JS file in javascript design panel.<br> Step 3 - Name you file what ever you like - ie custom.js<br> Step 4 - Double click to activate the JS editor panel and paste the following:<br>

$('.nav a').on('click', function(){

Step 5 - click apply to commit your changes<br> Step 6 - preview your change and then when looking in mobile view once you click a nav item the menu will collapse.<br><br> Hope this helps

GREAT!!!!! Thanks a lot Chris