Collapsilbe Menu

Trying to replicate this page: so that is it editable via Bootstrap Studio with drop and drag. I know I can import the code, but that is not what I am looking to do.

I am having difficulties with the left hand side menu, with it being collapsible with the bars icon in the top. Can someone point me in the right direction on how to create that functionality?


Thats pretty much the same as the Offcanvas menu found here in the Bootstrap 4.3 Examples....

Seems to work fine with the html imported and the main css styles and way3admin.js script.....

If I imported it though, it becomes custom code and not editable with the drop and drag. I have no problems importing it if I am able to use the drop and drag in the imported code.

On the Offcanvas, I seem to be not seeing the collapsible menu. Am I missing it?

The Offcanvas menu would need the expanded class removed on the Navbar element for it to be visible on Desktop. The css stylesheet would need to have a addtional media query for the different position on desktop for the start and stop points also.

Thanks for your assistance.

Is there a template for Bootstrap Studio for the Offcanvas example that I can download and mess around with?