column Size property missing

Hello All, I was going through the tutorial of Bootstrap studio in which Bakery "Mom & Pop' Bakery" is designed. In the tutorial, it shows that we can adjust the size of the comumn in cointainer by changing the size of the column on right side of the screen. But in the new version it did not find that option.

Did any one encounteretd this issue? How do you change the column class "col-md-12" by using options ?

Regards, Ashish

In the options you can change the column width with the pull down menu in Column Options a couple ways. 1. Use the main pulldown of the number of columns for a global setting for that column for all device sizes. 2. Click the little down arrow next to the word Width and you'll see various sizes there that you can set the column width for.

Remember, the system is Mobile First, so the main setting is actually setting the smallest setting of SM.

Thanks for this! It was impossible to figure out how to do this in the application! I was close to using the custom HTML to do this, until I decided to search using a term like "col-md-12" and came across this thread.

For such a fundamental feature of Bootstrap (setting different column widths by viewport using multiple class names), it's crazy that it's hidden in the UI inside of that little down arrow.

Well if you drag a Column component into a Row, you will see at the top of the viewport adjustment to change the size and position depending which breakpoint xs (smallest), sm, md, lg or xl you are in. Thats pretty handy too !