Combo with two columns

Hi people, am doing a form that takes information from a database and I need to fill a combo a table information, but I need to show, in the same select, 3 columns of the table, separated by a space, like access. I am using bootstrap, is a web interface. Any tip?. Thanks friends

Can you use the BSS app to create a site that has a table to display data from a database: Yes

Can you use the BSS app table that you created to submit data back to a database: Yes

Mainly depends on how you are going to communicate with the database, by PHP or by way of Javascript or a bit of both.

PHP is not innately supported by the BSS app, but you can use the Custom Code component I believe to create your PHP code in but it will not work within the app it's self.

Javascript, while can be written within the app, the app doesn't run/execute Javascript within the app though. You would have to use the Preview function in a browser window to test that functionality. Or you will need to export it to your web server to test from there.

But the initial answer is yes you should be able to build a site that can do that with the app.

Some of the other users in this forum work with PHP, I do not.