Comment blocks

It would be good if there was possibility to add comments between blocks in CSS files. Also because sometimes, when copying some CSS with comments between, BS doesn't know how to handle that.

In addition to CSS, if style files editor had line numbers it would speed up things also when debugging :)

I would also like to add on to this, even though these features have been asked for many times already ....

Please make it also accept the Comments when a CSS/HTML/JS file etc. is imported. Right now it strips them out completely on import (expected since comments are not compatible at this time). Just wanted to be sure that importing files was also covered if/when these features are added.

I concur with the comments above .. the ability to add a block comment above each style would be very useful. I can live without the line level comments (though this would be nice) but some level of commenting CSS and HTML code would be very useful.

It's already there. The create button on top of the style pane is a split button click on the down arrow next to the create button and from there you can add a comments to your css block

Although I can understand that there are not many tutorials for a lot of the great features of this app .... seriously, this thread is 3 years old, maybe you should have asked if it had been implemented or not instead?

Having said that, you can also add a comment above (the typical location) any CSS class or ID by clicking the blue line just above any class/id in the Styles window. This will give you the option to either add a new CSS class or add a Comment.