Just wondering if somewhere in the development schedule there will be the ability to add comments to the HTML and the CSS?

Custom component?

Are you asking me if I can just use that? Or are you asking if that's what can be added by the devs?

For the HTML that would work to do a custom component, but we can't add that to the CSS files at all so it isn't quite complete.

Ahh yes, sorry my comment was directed at adding comments to html as a workaround but do see your dilemma for CSS

Thank you for the suggestion! Adding commenting to our current CSS editing interface won't work well, but writing comments will be possible when we add SASS support. SASS will be edited in a source code editor and will work great for authoring CSS.

Unfortunately we can't commit to a timeline for when SASS support will be added. We want to release it together with Bootstrap 4 and the framework hasn't seen a new release for six months.

No problem, I'm glad to hear there will be something coming in the future for it.

I have been realizing that this app must be fairly new yet, so I'm trying really hard not to bombard you with a ton of suggestions, but sometimes I just gotta post them so I don't forget lol. smiles. For now my Paste Linked is working and now I have new part of my new toy to play with hahaha! Thanks!