Common Code Across Pages

I am building a multipage website, and I have login/register modals. Is it possible to have the modals be global across all pages, so that I don't have to change every single page's modal blocks when I change one?

Once you have the setup working as you like it to work, just right click over the (col, row whatever you have it in) in the Tree on the left, of the entire part you want to be duplicated on other pages. Click Copy. Go to the page and in the Tree on the left right click over the col or div you want to put it into so it's the same as other pages and choose Paste Linked.

That will create a link between all pages that have that item. Do that for all pages and then when you edit one it will edit them all. Doesn't matter which one you edit as long as it's linked to the original.

Yes, view the 15 Powerful Features video about 4:30 into it for #9 Linked Components


Beautiful, thanks.

Or use the 'copy to' function and select the pages you want it included on ?

Yeah I do that too Chris, but I tend to like to do the selection on the tree to help me make sure where it went lol, ease of moving the item around etc. Both work great though so whatever way works best for you. :)

I duplicate the pages then adjust the content that needs to differ, this leaves everything else as it was.

Yep I do that a lot too.

I create a page, then duplicate it then link the common editable components, clear out the guts (content) section, rename the file to template.

Then I duplicate the template file rename and fill in the guts (content).