Components - Online: "Can't show online results right now."


As the title states, when viewing the Components > Online (Tab), I get the following message:

"Can't show online results right now."

This has been the case for a few days now, but only on 1 of my two BSS installs. However I have access via the app to the internet so not sure what is causing this?

Has anyone else expereinced this before or presently also experiencing this?

Any feedback or help is appreciated, thanks all.

@BSS-User, I don't seem to be seeing this issue myself.


Thank you for your response @saj , it's very much appreciated.

Yeah its weird, like I said in my original post it's only happening on one BSS install, my other works fine.

I have access via the app to the internet so not sure what is causing this?


PS: I love reading your replies, they are very informative. ;-)

yeah what's weird right now is that I was replying ( more in depth ;) ) to someone elses post and typed in hero in the search box. Finished up came to your reply and was going to recheck the online tab so I removed hero from the search but I can only get components right now with hero in them even though there's nothing in the search box.

I just typed something else in then deleted and it's back to normal now. I rechecked all the online that is listed by default and they all display no error. Can you give me the name of the component that is giving you the error so I can search for it and see if that one gives me a problem.

Unfortunately, we can't search by user.


Hi @saj ,

Thanks for your response.

I could still use the search, I was just seeing “Can’t show online results right now.” and not the "Trending and Latest" lists (sorry I was not more clear with things). I am not sure it was isolated to a particular component, but I am not certain it was not either? I would assume somehow all components are evaluated and or sandboxed in some way as to not be rogue or cause issues within the app?

Perhaps I downloaded too many components ;-)

I am fairly new to BSS, in getting a feel for the app I downloaded most the things I could find, just to see what was available. I used the approach I talked about in this thread of searching using vowels. Perhaps it's then hard to determine if a single component had an impact on this issue, as I was just downloading them before trying them, so perhaps hard to isolate given the bulk nature of things?

I am on OS X 10.10 -- I ended up deactivating this particular BSS install, uninstalling, then reinstalling. Now I no longer get the “Can’t show online results right now.” and again get the "Trending and Latest" lists in the online tab. I would be interested to know if a particular component played a role in the error message or just something in the app caused it or got confused, not sure how to determine that, but the reinstall process seemed to resolve the issue.

However I was surprised that after uninstalling that all the downloaded components were still installed after reinstall, I thought they too would be purged? Are these components stored locally or referenced as hosted? Do you happen to know the location 'locally" on OS X where I can find the installed components? It's quite a lot of work to now delete them one by one in the app after bulk downloading so many.

Thanks so much again @saj for your assistance, feedback and information.

I'm glad that you were able to resolve your issue. However, I really couldn't tell you what broke your install. I can only assume that it may have been something during a download/install of a component rather then it being any one specific one. It could have been the shear number of them that caused it to hang and maybe timed out. I have a feeling that it dynamically checks what you have installed and what's online every time you click on the online tab.

However, here is what I'm finding regarding where the downloaded components go. So when you create and save design/component, it's saved as .bsdesign used to also save a .bscomp but everything that I found was my own stuff.

But I think I was able to find the downloaded packages. I'm using win10 so not sure if it's different for you. When looking through some likely win10 folder locations, I found a folder named "bstudio" that has a file in it named "downloadedPackages". I can only assume that is the file that contains all the components that you downloaded. Mines pretty small about 2MB. I don't know if you were to delete it what would happen. I would think since you reinstalled and all is fine, if you would even bother with it then.


Ok so I can't delete my post, although I wasn't posting lol. I was just setting to watch this thread as I'd like this answer myself on where the components install to on a Mac. Oh well, now you know someone else is interested in the answer lol.

Thanks again for all your help and information @saj , I think you're right about dynamically checking, pausing, etc. @saj and @jo , I was in contact with Martin directly and he advised where the location in on OS X, I hope he does not mind me sharing with others here in this thread.

OS X: Components are downloaded to your ~/Library/Application Support/bstudio folder. Look for the downloadedPackages file. You can delete this file when bootstrap studio is stopped, and when you start the app, everything that you've downloaded will be gone. The user facing way is to remove the components one by one by right clicking, which can be slow for a large number of components.

I thought I would share it, hoping it may help someone else when searching the forum in the future.

Thanks BSS_User and Martin,

Appreciate this as I too was wondering where this was. Now if only we could edit that file directly :P

You're welcome, also the reason I could not find it (besides using the direct path @Martin provided) was in my User Folder, I did not have the Library Folder showing.

Via: 1.) User Folder 2.) Right Click > Show View Options 3.) Enable > Show Library Folder

UPDATE: ( I sent this to @Martin, but I thought I would share here also )

I was able to encounter the issue again and believe I know what the issue is related to.

Components > Online (Tab), I get the following message: “Can’t show online results right now.”

How to reproduce (at least for me):

OSX 10.10.5

1.) Use the app while connected to the internet

2.) Disconnect from network, ie: turn off WIFI

3.) Now click on the "components > online (tab) , you get the "Can't show online results right now" (Obviously since WIFI is off)

However when doing this it seems the app goes into an offline mode and never makes an automated connection to repopulate again even though the network is again available. However you can still use the search feature and search the online components once you reconnect to the internet (WIFI), so it obviously does have a connection.

I did not see a way in app to refresh, so I again deactivated, uninstalled, reinstalled and activated. Everything then works accordingly. I did this a few times to test the above and that indeed seems to be the issue. Sadly I can't remember if that's what I done initially when I encountered the problem, but this does replicate the issue I was having. Hopefully that gives some premise for investigation as to why it does not fully get reconnected automatically for repopulation, beyond manually using the search.



Interesting, thanks for the info @BSS_User