Components/Overview lists jump up and/or down [fixed in 4.4.6]

Very annoying, and I kept forgetting to report this.

When I drag something into the Overview window, the list jumps up/down so that I have to scroll back to where I was adjusting things. This should not happen, these panes should remain where we have them even when something has been activated in them (dragged to, turned on, installed, etc.) so that we don't have to go back where we were again. Highly annoying in the Components window when you installed/uninstall something. Very annoying when moving things around in the Overview window.

When installing a component, the panel scrolls to it in order to make it easier to find.

As for the Overview panel, you are right, there are instances where the content jumps around due to (un)collapsing components. We will work on fixing this.