today i looked to my boostrap and i searched for components online but i dint get anny components and if i click at the file tap and click on "component libary" it opens up internet exploder and than the error 404 page not found, hope u wil help me out



my version

what it says when i click it

Your answer should be extremely clear in the second screenshot where you see the version number. You will need to update your version (if it's not a pirated one) or purchase it (if it is a pirated on) in order to get the newest features. Your version is a very old version.

I say the statements about the "pirated" version, only because BSS has a built in updater which automatically updates for you if you have a legit copy.

hi i have bought it but it wont update what should i do now ? greets

not a problem @stijn11888 (if you're not a thief and a liar) just download the latest version from the distribution site. The download link for the app is included in your license email, right after your key.