Condense all css in 1 big file

Hi there,

I use Bootstrap Studio that’s saving me hours of designing/coding, so firstly, thanks for that :slight_smile:

I use the code that is generated in an other app that only accepts copy/pasting. Doing so for HTML is easy (page per page), but for CSS, as you can imagine, it takes forever since BSS generates many css files.

Is there a way to have quickly all the css for 1 project (or even 1 page) in just one file that I can copy paste the content from? Or maybe a way to visualize it in the editor and do the copy pasting from there?

Thanks a lot, I’m losing my mind copy pasting 10 files each time I update something.

If you are using the CSS files themselves then all you need to do is save them in the app you’re using for updates (not sure why you are doing that, so it’s hard to say for sure what to do). Take the files from where they are saved on your computer and drag them into BSS and it will overwrite the ones you have there. No need to do copy/paste if you can save them. Hard to know what else to tell you there since we don’t know what app you’re using and why you’re doing a copy/paste situation.

Basically just save them in that app, go to the location they are saved in and drag them to the location you have them in BSS and they will overwrite.

In your export settings, make sure that Minfiy Javascript and CSS is turned on, then when you export all the css will be in one file.

If you want to make the minified css easier to read, then either use an extension in vscode (or your favourite editor) or use an online service such as: Free Online CSS Beautifier / Formatter -