Contact Form Clean - Please enter correct email address ALWAYS showing

Just like title says, on bootstrap studio, the contact form clean in the studio library. When I exported and loaded on my server, the x and error stating "Please enter correct email address" does not go away, even with an email typed in.

Could this be because I don't have the form completed with an action to submit or is there some missing css/html or something?

Hi, if you look at the overview panel on the left side in Bootstrap Studio or the html code, you will see this is just setup as an example for you to use. You will need to add javascript code to make that all work. What I tent to do is put another div tag at the bottom of the form with just an ID attribute and target that from the JS file running on form submission and populate that div with a error or success message and using a css class to change the appearance.

So in short there is some work to do yet, just ignore that for now and work on getting the php script working behind to deal with sending the email and come back to that part.

Hope that helps a bit!

ok yes that helps, thank you, i am not professional, keep forgetting about this just being "frontend" framework