Contact Forms (can't make them work)


I am a complete newb when it comes to web development and can't seem to figure our a single thing about how to make Contact From work in BSS

BSS is an awesome tool, I would really appreciate if someone pulled me on the track.

Thank You.

Are you working with a contact form created by an outside source? If not, you will need to do so or learn how to code PHP, HTML and CSS to do that. What is in BSS for forms, are usually just themes and structure for the forms. Only the HTML that makes the form look right and function as far as filling it in. You still have to know how to connect that to a server to send and receive messages through it.

I would highly suggest Machform which is a very customizable form setup. You should still learn some HTML and CSS, but it's not necessary to make these work at all. Machform is an online form builder that has a lot of features including selling, exporting of the information it has collected, multi page, conditionals and so much more. I've been using it for a few years now and will most likely do for a long long time. It's not free, its not super expensive, but not super cheap either, I believe it was around $99 when I bought it, might be more or less now. It's also very easy to implement into BSS. Good luck!

Thanks, Jo, I will look into it. Never touched PHP, HTML and CSS is a little bit easier now as I get simple concepts from looking at the code.