Contact Forms with Auto Responder?

Hey how's it going,

I'm currently working on landing pages for affiliates and wanted to know if anyone knows if its possible to connect the email submit forms to auto responders like aweber, getresponse etc? Thanks in advance for any help!

They do whatever you set them up to do. What you see in BSS is only a structure, not a functional system so you have to add the coding necessary to make them function. I use Machform which is a pretty great form system, all in one so you don't really need to mess with the HTML structure within the pages at all.

So what you're saying is that after I add the subscribe form the user just has to add their, for example, aweber code where the code is for the form and it should work?

Would I be able to use machforms for client pages? Wouldnt they need access to use it with their autoresponder? Or can I just make a form, put it on a landing page and everyone who purchases the page can add there own aweber code?

If you're doing a template for selling to others, then no you don't want to use Machform as that is a system that you use to create your forms as well as the analytics of it. For templates, you wouldn't actually include a working form setup in most cases, can't recall the last time I looked at a template that included that. They usually have just the HTML as you have right now and the web designer that works with the template when they buy it, they put the form they want in there or they connect the programming/scripts needed to do so.

If you're managing lots of clients' websites, then Machform works great. I have it installed on one server and all my clients' forms are in one installation of the system. Makes editing your forms much easier than having to load them up one by one via separate entities. It's definitely one of the most feature rich and best working form designers I've come across over the years. I keep checking the others, but nothing has compared so far for the money.

Other than that, if you're wanting the forms to work, you're going to have to program them to do so as they are not connected in any way, and I'm not sure if others here will do that work for you :P They do help lots of things, but that might be a bit over the top, not sure though. :)

Ok got it! I really appreciate the help.