Contact Links (Skype, Zoom, iMessage)?

Hello, does anyone know how to setup a contact link on a website, so customers can contact and/or find you on Skype, Zoom or iMessage?

Of those three, I only use Skype, but I know the only way to search for users on Skype is via the search feature in the Skype desktop or mobile app.

I know of no way to create a direct link from a website to a search feature in a program or app. And the program or app would have to be installed on the person’s computer or phone/tablet before anything could searched for.

Probably your best bet would be to put links to the download pages for each of these various programs/apps on your website, and explain in text on your site the instructions that each application recommends for searching/adding new users.

Thanks printninja. I found a site that explains how to link Skype, but have not tried it yet. How to Create a Skype Link | Daft Logic Blog

I don’t know if this exists or is possible to do, but you might want to try searching Google for a way to have a link open an app. Email does it, so I would think other apps could do it. Then maybe if they already have the app it could open it for them with the page displayed that you want them to be at?

Call me crazy, but that seems logical to me since email apps do it. Good luck and hope you can find some more info on it.

I’m playing around with it now. I will report back if I figure it out, incase someone else is interested.