Container outside of block item


I tried add a container (div or section) outside of a block item, but I cannot create this. I created an empty section, but I cannot put a block to inside section tags. I need convert this block item to HTML only, then I add a code manually. How can I add a container around a block item without convert this?

Check this thread, it's been covered quite a few times already actually, but not always easy to find. Hope this helps!

Thanks for tip, I will try these. :) I see: a few component I can put to a section tags, others not, if include container yet. :)

You're welcome, and do realize you can use all the components, you just have to get the contents out of the containers (block container) they are in and that's all there is to it. Looks like most of the components are in basic blocks that don't have any needed attributes set on them so it should be pretty quick to just pull them out of the "block" containers they are in and put them in a div or something. The key here is to realize only 1 container can affect components at a time, you can't add containers within containers which is where the issue is with the pre-made blocks as they don't "show" the container setting, but it's there.

Just open the Block after you add it to the top or bottom of your page, then drag out the items inside into the place you want them and you'll be good to go!