Copy and Paste Text

Hello Please could someone explain how to paste text copied from "notepad" or "Word" into a


p> in BSS standard edition. The video guide indicates that this is possible however my installed version has no "paste" facility. I would appreciate clear answers as I do not understand acronyms, abbreviations and american vernacular. many thanks and kind regards

Right click and select paste - ctrl and v , cmd and v

Hello Chris Thank you for replying. However life is not that simple. When I activate "right click" there is no "paste" option displayed, only " PARAGRAPH - SELECT PARENT - EDIT - COPY - LABEL - COPY TO - ADD TO LIBRARY - CONVERT TO HTML - DUPLICATE - DELETE" . I have attempted this simple procedure repeatedly without success. I would appreciate your observations (and a detailed manual in place of the pointless "guide" would of course be useful). Kind regards

Then do the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V that Chris also mentioned. You obviously didn't try that as that does work 100%, so it "is" that simple. Right click does work , but only to copy or paste within the Overview Pane to copy components or to copy and paste supporting files to folders and such. It does "not" work to copy text in the Styles window at all or in the Preview window for editing text.

Also a word of warning against copying from Word (no pun intended lol). Don't do it, it will mess up as there's a bug there somewhere on pasting from word. Be sure to paste it into a plain text editor first or convert it to a PDF before copying from it. If you don't it will strip spaces out of the words and you'll end up having to edit the text after you paste it.

Thank you Jo for your reproof. In essence then for those persons who need things explaining in simple English: 1]. Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V is the method to copy and paste text (with appropriate caveats pertaining to "Word"). 2]. Within the Overview Pane to copy components or to copy and paste supporting files to folders and other pages "right click", "copy" and "paste" function as expected. 3]. I may yet receive further reproof but I find that within the Overview Pane to copy components to the same page use "right click" and "duplicate". Again many thanks to Jo!

you're welcome, but do understand that your "reproof" was a result of your sarcasm in your second post when you said the bit about the "pointless guide" lol. Granted I agree, the guide is not very useful at this time as the app has been updated many times since the Videos, but the updates that put the videos out of date have all been within this year and I'm sure when there is time available those things will be updated, just that they are focused more on the app right now than the documentation.

I too hope that the documentation will become much much better than it is and more thorough as well, but ... your comment was kind of nasty in how you worded it so I did respond in kind :P Suffice it to say that you don't have to be nasty to get points across.

Either way I truly do hope what I posted does help, and post again if you get stuck :)