Copy multiple between 2 design

Actually I have to copy / paste one Nav Item at a time between 2 design Selecting multiple Nav Item have to Copy in the contextual menu

Have you tried to save as a component... sort of works like a huge clipboard of favorites.

There are also free components that are available for use that others have graciously shared... some good/acceptable, and others of various value.

The tutorials section has more in-depth information.

No but I would prefer to have the integrity as the original so I can starts normally from there instead of having a BSS component.

You can easily do this by making sure you have both projects open that you want to copy from/to. Go into the overview tree and be sure you have the column or container selected that the nav is inside of. Right click over that selected item and chose copy (not copy to). Then go to the other project you have open and go to the place you want it to be and select it in the Overview pane. Choose Paste and you should see an arrow to the right of that saying there are other choices when you mouse over it or select it. Choose the option that best fits what you're trying to do. Typically it's best to paste it "After" another part or "Inside" where it will send it to the end of the part you have selected.

P.S. I just figured out how to do this as I was typing it to you. It wasn't exactly this way for very long and I haven't used this feature much since using the ability to save things as components is a whole lot more useful and easier to manipulate than doing it this way is. Granted I've been using the app for quite some time, but ... it wasn't that hard to figure out lol :P

Anyways, this will do what you're wanting, just a lot more hassle than saving that part as a component would be. I think you might be overthinking the setup for saving and bringing in components of your own. It's pretty simple and much more useful since you can create reusable things a whole lot quicker and easier that way.

P.S.S. Keep in mind that this will not copy the CSS or any supporting files it may need if it's a custom item. It will only copy the code for the HTML. To get the rest you should use the Components system as it's intended for. :) Good Luck!

Thank you it works. So in sense you copy the parent container rather than one element at a time. I was missleaded by the ability to select multiple element inside the container.

Thanx again !

Yep exactly! and you're quite welcome :)

I'd like to once more push the idea of the Components though. Here's why:

When you make a component out of something you have added and tweaked you are making yourself a reusable item that can be used in any project without having to copy and paste it from another project. Less messy this way.

When you create a component you can define which CSS/JS classes will follow it. That means you could essentially set something up with some default settings that will follow the component every time. You don't have to create yourself a separate CSS file or JS file manually then.

When you place component files, if they have any CSS or JS that goes with them it will be placed into a separate CSS and/or JS file. This makes it very easy to know and find if you already have a class (it will show up duplicate in your Style window) or if you need it. You can easily move the classes to another file using the menu on the right of each class.

This gives you a good starting point then to a full component rather than just the HTML structure and then having to style it.

Just some food for thought. :)

Great to know. It's well noted !