Copy to enhancement

hi BSS devs,

is it possible to enhance the "copy to" functionality to enable us copying components to multiple pages using a radio button to select multiple pages. this way it can be done once.

i appreciate we can copy and paste linked etc, but if we have lots of pages to copy a component and select what pages we want it becomes an arduous tasks to do them one by one.


+1 for this idea, but I'd like to get some more information on what you're thinking too Chris. How would you tell it "where" to put it on the other pages?

I think just being able to copy and paste to select pages will be enough for now to keep things simple.

Use case would be:

  1. Select snippet of code you want on lots of pages.
  2. Right click and copy to multiple pages
  3. Pop up box will all pages available with in design
  4. Option for making linked component would be great too
  5. Selection made and then new snippet gets added at bottom of selected pages
  6. User then select each page and drags n drops into place.

Idea here is to cut out the need to copy and paste into each page manually but still need to order where it sits in page