Copy To Folder

Hi, I'm trying to separate a site into multiple different copies meant to simulate different user roles such as teachers, principals, admin. All the pages are pretty much the same, except for some wording, etc. How do I copy around 15 html files to another folder? I see the 'Copy to New Design' option, but nothing for copying to a folder. Looks like only the 'Move to Folder' is there.

Any help appreciated!


EDIT: The way I found around this for now is to export the current site, making sure to check 'Use a CDN for libraries' and 'Use absolute paths'. Then using the 'Import HTML' function on each folder.

You will want to create separate projects for that rather than just separating the pages into folders. When you save the project add an ending to the project name that tells what part of the project it is such as:

projectname-teachers projectname-principals

and so on.

This will give you completely separate, but similar sites for each of your setups. A good suggestion to do before you do that is to be sure everything is how you want it style wise for a main site and then save the site multiple times with the above method to create the separate sites. This way you won't have to keep editing the structure of each project every time you decide to create a new area with a new color or change a font or whatever.

If you're still wanting to just separate the sites, the only things you can really separate within the program would be the HTML pages. You would do that by creating folders in the Pages Pane of BSS and then duplicate your pages and move them to those locations. Other than that you won't be able to separate the sites in full because if you're only using one project, it's only going to include one set of JS and CSS etc. and the default Bootstrap files and the Bootstrap files aren't there for you to work with in the app so you can't duplicate them within the app.