Copying CSS from one CSS file to another issue (Mac Version)

When you copy multiple CSS classes (if you can get it to copy them that is or highlight correctly) from one file and pasting them to another ... adds the name of the file to the beginning of the class/id name for every single class.

What it's doing is copying the file name on the bottom right of each class/id along with the class/id and it's attributes and it shouldn't be copying that at all as far as I can tell. It didn't do this before this latest update.

We made some improvements to the CSS editor in version 2.4.0, but I am afraid that the issue with the copied file names still remains. We simply haven't considered this workflow, so we didn't make sure to produce valid CSS when copying. But we can fix this in the upcoming 2.4.X releases.

Sounds good thanks! Hopefully it will address the highlightability as well as the pasting of correct classes. :)

Happy to report that we added this feature in version 2.4.1 which was just released! Looking forward to your input.

Just tested the CSS copy/paste and that works perfect now as well! I’ll let you know if the glitch I had with the highlighting not working happens again, but so far so good. Thanks!