copying custom page metatag and SEO stuff between pages

Hi. I have a site for different languages. the description and title meta tags will be different for pages in one and another language. As I did not think of that at the beginning, now will be a pain to do so. Would also be good to have a function to "inherit metatags from page x and then be ale to tweak if needed....

Could you create a template page for each language and then just duplicate it when needed ?

Yes I could have. If I had thought at the beginning. But now I have 18 different pages in each language. I found an dirty workaround (still cumbersome but slightly better than filling the SEO forms) > I dumped the SE forms and insert everything as head content. Anyhow we sold be able to copy these elements from page to page (such as any html element).

SEO stuff is quite useless nowadays. Google is way smarter than just believing what's written there.

@marrco, bootstrap studio refers to all meta tags as part of SEO. This classification It is arguable (even though there might be historical reasons for this classification by bss) since not all meta tags are for SEO but for other useful purposes. Those are the ones I refer to. Anyow, ... any ideas on how to solve my issue in an elegant way?

You “can” copy them easily by either doing the suggested master page of sorts, or by opening the properties of any page and copying them and then pasting them in the new page. After the fact (in your case since you already did the pages) the latter is probably all you can do.